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There are three options when it comes to turning your precious manuscript into a book or e-book. One is to seek out a commercial publisher who is prepared to invest time and money in your project in a very competitive market.

The second option is basic, print-on-demand self-publishing. This is more the do-it-yourself type of self-publishing. You can layout and design the book yourself, or take it to a printer who is able to do this for you, then get it printed at the print shop. Alternatively, you can upload your manuscript to companies like Lulu, Smashwords or CreateSpace and they can do the layout, printing and e-book for you. This option is perfect if you have a tight budget, or only require a small number of copies. These books often look amateurish and the danger of this is that the book can look unprofessional, making your book hard to sell and limiting your readership. Go and talk to your local bookseller about books self-published in this way.

The remaining option for self-publishing is to go to a professional book production or publishing services company, like Mary Egan Publishing.

Mary Egan Publishing produces high-quality books and has helped many clients to have the best chance of success by providing services that result in a professional-quality book or e-book. You get the same high-quality product, without having to rely on the interest of a commercial publisher.


Sophia Egan-Reid