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Eva Borka, author and illustrator of "Laughter and Magic Shoes"

I was very fortunate in 2018 to work with Mary Egan Publishing on my new book of paintings and poems.

From first contact to finished book the experience was first class, completely professional, friendly, and (important to me as an artist) intuitive.  I am based in Wellington so our communication was via email - no personal visit was actually needed!

I could not be happier with the process and the finished product, and without reservation would recommend this wonderful team to anyone seeking a publisher.


Kathryn Van Beek, Author and Illustrator of "Bruce Finds A Home"

There should be a ten-star option for Mary Egan Publishing. This awesome company made my dreams come true.

I could not have asked for a more supportive and dedicated team of people to work with. They have been unfailingly positive and responsive, and I am just so pleased with the finished product.

Thank you Mary Egan Publishing for going above and beyond and for being such an absolute pleasure to work with. A+ would publish with again!  

Raewyn Dawson, Author of "Slave Power"

You simply could not choose a better firm. What is needed from publishing services can vary, but it does include a reliance on having an excellent flow of communication and knowledgeable advice.

I was astonished at the constant connection and fast response to questions, and was overawed at the breadth of services provided.

The editing team was scholarly and succinct; the marketing and publicity was thorough; the graphics work by Anna was superb to an international standard, and the friendly tone of Sophia’s emails was deeply reassuring.

It has been a privilege to be part of their team process, and the finished product is a delight.

Sincerely and gratefully,
Raewyn Dawson


Simon Wyatt, Author of "The Student Body"

I simply cannot recommend Mary Egan Publishing enough! As a first-time author, I really had no idea about the A-Z of publishing, let alone the A-B - which is where Mary Egan fit in. Right from my very first meeting with the team - Mary, Sophia and Anna - I knew they were the ones I wanted to publish my book. Their welcoming, honest and down to earth approach to my journey into the publishing world really put me at ease from the get-go. And it never stopped. My primary contact with Mary Egan has been through Sophia, who simply did a wonderful job managing the whole process. She has energy, is extremely efficient and always keeps the lines of communication open. The oversight of the project came from Mary who has years of experience in book publishing. Knowing the team had published so many top quality books in the past was a real peace of mind. My cover was designed by Anna and wow, she really nailed the concept I was after! She was open to ideas, provided a number of samples to work from and was a true professional. When you see her work, you’ll no doubt agree. Thanks so much to the team at Mary Egan – you’ve made this experience a memorable one – for all the right reasons.



Suzanne McFadden, author of "Striking gold"

I can’t write highly enough of Mary and Sophia at Mary Egan Publishing. Striking Gold was my first venture into book publishing, and what an incredible experience it has been. Their attention to detail is excellent; their suggestions, and responses to my questions, were always quick, clear and insightful; and I couldn’t be more proud of the finished product they helped to create. And they have a lovely dog.



aaron Topp, author of "Hucking Cody" 

When you make the commitment to step into the world of indie publishing you initially want a publisher who shares your devotion to the project, and ultimately a book that looks, feels, reads and deserves its place on any bookshelf in any store. These were my high expectations and from the first phone call to them, Mary Egan Publishing delivered on every aspect. They listened, they gave suggestions (and a lot of answers!), and lead a dream team of specialists who have all worked hard to make Hucking Cody a successful reality.



Jen Shieff, author of "The Gentlemen's Club"

When my first novel “The Gentlemen’s Club”, published on 24th Nov, appeared ten days later on the NZ bestseller list, I said to myself, once again, “Well done Mary Egan Publishing”. Without Sophia’s brilliant project management, Mary’s expertise in book production and Anna’s fabulous cover, my book would never had had such a head-start. Every step of the way, Mary Egan Publishing has provided top drawer service including recommending/outsourcing the right people for those aspects of publication that fall outside their own extensive range of skills: editing, publicity, distribution. I couldn’t have had a better experience in launching myself as a writer. I’m very grateful to Team Egan and highly recommend them.



Garth Falconer, Author of "Living in Paradox"

I was put in touch with Mary Egan Publishing by a very well-respected editor – and that proved to be a key milestone on my journey towards publishing ‘Living in Paradox’. At that first meeting they gave me so much confidence – their knowledge of every conceivable aspect of the publishing process is formidable and their enthusiasm is infectious. Both these things helped me create a high quality, beautiful book of which I am extremely proud.

The team at Mary Egan Publishing have been brilliant through the whole process including the book launch.

And it is a tight family team at Mary Egan Publishing you will be working with, they seamlessly complement each other across all aspects of the production of your book – design and layout, cover design, print management, publicity and sales. The fact that I cannot speak highly enough of Mary Egan Publishing, means that I might even consider writing another book and that’s saying something.



Catherine Ballard, Author of "Country Cop 24/7"

Deciding to self-publish is a scary business. I was recommended Mary Egan Publishing and as much as possible Mary and her team removed the scariness from this project. Every service along the way was explained to me and the cost quoted so that I knew exactly what to expect. There were no surprises. I found communication with the team delightfully easy and pleasant. All our business was conducted by email until well after the book was at the printers, but when I finally met Mary and Sophia face to face I found them charming and excitingly enthusiastic about their jobs. As the manuscript emerged as a book with its brilliant Anna Egan-Reid designed cover very positive comments rolled in. Mary Egan Publishing recommended a publicist and a distributor who ensured a smooth and successful marketing experience. This book has succeeded far in excess of my expectations. This is largely due to Mary Egan Publishing recognising its potential and then advising action to capitalise on this.



Rachel Callander, Author and Photographer of "Super Power Baby Project"

We could not be more impressed and grateful for the incredible service the team at Mary Egan provided for us. They are highly skilled in all aspects of their work and know the book publishing industry inside out. Our book is a thing of beauty and a dream come true for us and I firmly believe there is no other team that could have made this book as beautiful as it has turned out, while at the same time being so wonderful to work with.

Makes me want to do it all again!!!

These women are exceptional.



Dinah Holman, author of "A History of Crime"

For anyone wanting to have their manuscript published, I cannot speak highly enough of Mary Egan Publishing, who have produced my novel A History of Crime. Their outstanding professionalism, artistic skills, attention to detail and consideration for the client have ensured that the book has been beautifully produced, beyond my expectations. Sophia Egan-Reid managed the overall process with great efficiency, patience and good humour. The cover designed by Anna Egan-Reid is stunning, and while options were presented to me, I immediately loved and chose the one recommended. It also very cleverly conveys the theme and spirit of the book. The text was beautifully laid out by Mary Egan on a carefully chosen, creamy paper. The care taken and the professional skill are illustrated by the fact that Mary chose the font, Adobe Caslon, not only because it is very attractive but also because Caslon types were popular during the 1880s when my novel is set. All in all, the relationship Mary Egan Publishing develops with the client ensured that I was immensely impressed and am very happy indeed with the book and the way it was produced. I also found the whole process both highly interesting and also enjoyable.



Bernard Reid, Author of "Conjurors, Cardsharps and Conmen"

Sadly, it is a quirk of human nature that we put pen to paper when we have a gripe or complaint. I was compelled to write for an entirely different reason. Advance copies of my 20 year project finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to get a copy into my hands. I brought it home and carefully studied all six hundred pages. I was completely overwhelmed by the quality of the product. The typesetting and font used, the paper selected, layout, artwork. and binding were all impeccable. The finished product was an absolute gem of publishing all with huge thanks to the professionalism and dedication of Mary Egan publishing.

It is not often in the modern business world that one is 100% satisfied, but why this is so in this circumstance is because the three stalwarts of Mary Egan Publishing, Mary, Anna and Sophia are always available to answer your questions, no matter how mundane, offer advice and suggestions and ensure that the final product is of the highest standard.

Ladies, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing book you have produced.



Drs. Judith McMorland and Ljiljana Eraković, Authors of "Stepping Through Transitions"

Working with Mary Egan Ltd. has been a great pleasure.  When we were not able to find a publisher for our book on  development in not-for-profit organisations, Mary, Sophia and Anna each played an important role in turning our despair into an exciting adventure of self-publishing.   The outcome is a beautiful product of which we are collectively and justly proud.  As authors, we were able to benefit from their professional advice while retaining overall authority over what we wanted.   With insistence on the highest standards of production and respect for the readers, MEL have created an aesthetically pleasing book, with clear charts and illustrations and a simple but effective layout of text.  This partnership has been a most rewarding experience and comes with our warmest recommendation.



Erin Feasey, Author of "Dinosaur Mac’s Discovery"

I actually feel like Mary Egan Publishing are part of my family after all the work they have done and the mass of support they have provided. They have been prompt, acurate, thorough and super easy to talk to. They have made a novice like me feel relaxed and confident about this process. Thanks a million times over.